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Aga Range Cooker Definitions - Help identifying the model you own.

The aim of this page is to help you identify your Aga so that you can order your parts with confidence. PLEASE study this carefully – if you order incorrectly don’t blame us! Each model on this page has a picture number. If you need to contact us after identifying your model please state the picture number in any correspondence.

Aga 47/10 (2 oven) or Model 82 (4 oven).

Made pre WW2. Often for sale but unless you want an antique please leave alone. NO SPARES AVAILABLE NEW from anyone. DO NOT BUY! Insufficient numbers left after nearly 80 years make this an uneconomical model to make parts for.

Aga 47/10
Picture 1

Only Aga with smaller top (right hand) oven than lower oven
“Funny shaped” door – covers huge secondary air intake
“Elephants foot” angled flue box about 3ft high, with spinner air door
Usually chromed domes, with expansion rings around hob about 3” wide
Towel rail brackets bolt to hob, not front.
4 oven – called No 82 as cost £82 (guess why 2 oven was called 47/10? yes - £47/10 shillings!



Easily defined by its SQUARE LIDS.
Small size – modern Agas are all over 26” deep and more than 38” wide
Note. Right hand flue box. Sold to burn oil or solid fuel.
Made 1958-1970


Picture 2                

Aga STANDARD 2 or 4 oven.

Made 1941- 1972 Model C, CB (cooker boiler) and 4 oven model E.

Aga Standard
Picture 3

This cooker has had an external oil conversion fitted.

We are able to supply most conversion kits. Please contact us for details.

Rectangular ash pit door. Identical sized ovens. Towel rail bolts to front. Grill under ash pit covers secondary air intake. Simmering plate has CORD around it. Enamelled flue box. Mercury steel pipe in channel from temperature plate up and under hob. Aga name EMBOSSED onto front plate The BLACK HOB is flat – unlike later versions which have a RAISED SHELF or rear LIP across the back.
Original colours CREAM or WHITE only.

4 oven Aga standard
Picture 4
The 4 oven could have CHROME or CAST lids

Aga Deluxe. Made 1956- 1974.

Defined by the raised SHELF across rear of cooker. There are 3 identical sized doors on the 2 oven and 5 on 4 the oven.
ONE PIECE top on 4 oven version. Sold for OIL, GAS or S/F operation.
Early oil versions still had air control on left near hob
Badge AGA italic, usually RED background.
Coloured enamel front cream, white, sky blue – later brown, black, red, dark blue, green
Domes chrome, early versions had colour matched rim to front Note – many variations now including after market cast domes!

Aga Deluxe Pre 74

Aga Deluxe Pre 74

Picture 5

Picture 6


Post 1974 Aga.

Made with a small upstand along the rear top edge. Chrome domes. Doors the same size. Oil, Gas and Solid fuel in 2 or 4 oven versions .Optional bolt on badges.
Colours – all of earlier ones plus pewter, claret, pink, British Racing Green, 3 blues, etc.
4 oven version has separate section, with own towel rail and joint strip between sections

Aga Deluxe Post 74
Picture 7

4 Oven Aga Deluxe Post 74

Picture 8

Aga Patent

Picture 9

Aga Patent

This is an Aga Patent and there are no new spares or parts available for these cookers.

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